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Hello there!

I'm Addison from The Love Sprockets.

We're a Mojo-Folk band.

We write songs about Life, inspired by the people we meet, the experiences we have, and the Truths we realize...

You know, the things that You and I have in common, no matter who you are. Love, Suffering, Hope, things like that.

But we don't really write these songs, so much as give way to them.

(There's not much choice in the matter, really...)

Either we spend the focused time it takes to bring these songs to the world, or live in a constant state of discomfort.

Like living 24/7 with an itch and refusing to scratch it, even though you know scratching it would probably make the world a more beautiful place...

And we just know that giving ourselves over wholeheartedly to The Music will make us feel fulfilled, and give the gift of Knowing to everyone who connects with our songs (funny how listening to a song you click with makes YOU feel HEARD...)

Basically, by being able to focus completely on honing our craft and expressing our songs to their fullest potential, we'll be giving You and everyone else around us the most unique, valuable thing we possibly can (way more valuable than what we'd give you over the counter at a day job)

Which is why we're now offering subscriptions!

Because with Your Support, we'll be able fully devote ourselves to The Music, and harness that Divine Energy of Light and Love and Inspiration to radiate positivity and Joy more and more, bigger and bigger until everyone in the world has a happy tune to whistle together! (that's the long term plan anyway ;-)

For now, we want to share every last drop of our music with YOU.

Subscribe to our little Tribe, and with Your Support we'll have the time and head room to write every song that comes calling, practice it for hours, and record it in the highest quality possible so that we can share it with YOU!

You'll also get every song we've EVER recorded (digital format) plus HEFTY discounts on all of our physical merch (CD's, T-shirts, Stickers, Zines, Posters, Vinyls, and anything else we create!)

Thank You so much for reading my little rant here, and I look forward to making Your Happiness part of My Life's Purpose :-)

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The Love Sprockets
Austin, Texas

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